Shows Similar to One Punch Man in 2020

Overpowered hero brings a sense of comfort in the back of the mind. Knowing that hero is always going to win and not struggle with his life while defeating an enemy is definitely refreshing. One punch man brought this concept initially into the mainstream anime and everybody loved it! If you want to watch shows similar to one punch man you might be in luck.
When I said shows similar to one punch man I am assuming that you would like a situation where the main character is highly overpowered and can kill enemy easily, with little to no stress. Saitama in one punch man is he able to kill all the enemies without any stress no matter how the stronger enemies are, right? Well the 2 shows that I’m recommending, have similar concept but they kill their enemies with a little more work than just hitting them with one punch. That being said the hero still always has an upper hand on all the fights. You might feel while watching the anime that hero is being defeated but it turns out that the hero is just playing around hiding their true potential and real powers. Does that sound exciting? Okay! Let’s get into the list without wasting time.
Here are not one, but TWO best recommendations in my opinion for anime similar to one punch man. And another good news is that you can watch them right now on Netflix. Both of them have the sub and the English dubbed version available.

1. The Plunderer

2. The Cautious hero –  The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious


The first show is called the plunderer. And the second choice card the cautious hero.


The Plunderer – I will try my best do not spoil the anime for you. In this anime basically there is a ranking system. The higher the rank of the person the more powerful he or she is. The main character has really low rank. But it turns out that he has some special abilities that can still beat and outperforms the enemies with higher rank. The show is full of Comedy just like one punch man. And it has a great story. I would highly recommend watching first two episodes Peak your interest. That is because there are not any fights in first episode. The first episode just builds up the story for the second episode.
The Hero Is Overpowered But Overly Cautious Light Novel Cover
The Cautious hero – the name explains itself. The hero is overpowered but he’s highly cautious. In this anime the hero is highly analytic an overly cautious. He analyses whether the enemy in front of him very strong, weak or if they are equal in power. If the enemies are equal or stronger, he would not engage or escape the battle. Then he’d train hard and come back stronger. He is overly prepared in all the fights and he not only has a plan B. But he has a plan C, plan D, plan E, plan F and the list goes on. He is soo cautious and he predicts every outcome during the fight. What if his sword gets stolen or dropped during fight? Well! No problem he has a backup sword. What if swords don’t work on the monster? No problem! The hero has already learned multiple hand moves and magic to knock out the enemy.
It’s a very fun anime to watch.
So here is my list I love anime. Similar to one punch man. Where the characters are similar to Saitama. Please enjoy these shows and comment below if you like them or not. Meanwhile I would also like to watch other similar anime where the character is overly powered. So if you know any amine please comment below.

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